Thinking of Getting a Puppy for Christmas?

That’s great, but you have to think beyond the cuteness and surprise factor. You have to think beyond Christmas! There are lots of things to take into consideration. First, think about the breed. A German Shepard puppy is super cute, but that is a working breed dog that needs you to fulfill its desire to work…EVERY DAY! A Pitbull or Rottweiler are ridiculously cute puppies but they are bully breeds that require lots of leadership…EVERY DAY! Make sure to select … Read More

Holidays around the corner!

2017 is flying by! Holidays are right around the corner!  You are invited! Dog Lovers Annual Christmas Party Come join us at  dog school where you will get a chance to hang out and talk to other students and celebrate Christmas. Drinks and food will be provided. Its an open house so stop by after work and visit with us. Dogs with their manners are welcome to come. We look forward to seeing you!. December 7th 4:30 to 7:00 pm … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Board and Train would my dog benefit?

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Board and Train what is it? Would my dog benefit ?    Board and Train is doggy boot camp, this is where your dog would stay with Emily for 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of training needed to learn new commands or work on behavioral issues. The dogs would stay in Emily’s home and be apart of her pack ( 2 labs), training sessions are multiple times a day and when dog’s aren’t … Read More

Going away this summer??

Are you planning your summer vacation? Do not know what to do with your dog?  Emily’s opinion about kennels: we’ve all heard that saying ” you get what you pay for”? I do not recommend kennels here are the reasons why: Stressful environment Training goes out the window Dogs likely to have accidents in their runs Not enough attention Higher chances of picking up viruses, kennel cough, stomach bugs   IF you can find a petsitter that will stay at … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Does training the dog ever end?

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Does training the dog ever end? NO! Training the dog never does end you have to continue to reinforce what your dog has learn through their whole life.  Yes you may not have to teach new commands but you need to keep up with what your dog has learned. If your dog ever regresses in their training, go back to square one and re-teach the command like you did in puppy class.   We … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Perfect? Pretty? Normal?

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Perfect? Pretty? Normal?   People tend to get caught up on wanting to have perfect training session with their dogs, guess what?! its ok if it isn’t perfect !! That is how you and the dog’s learn… learn from your mistakes. You don’t have to be serious and super loud when it comes to training your dog, use your normal tone of voice and be sure to follow through. Dog training can be messy … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Dog Shaming

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Dog Shaming   There are so many things wrong with dog shaming, 1) 95% its the  owners fault, 2) Many people find it funny when they dogs are destructive or eating inapproriate  things. Owners are not thinking about the consequence of eating things that could harm their dogs. 3) Its truly not fair to the dog for scolding them for something they did 5+ minutes later   All these bad behaviors can be prevented … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Dog Cake

Dog Training Tip of the Day: This dog training tip of the day is borrowed from fellow dog trainer, Sean O’Shea with The Good Dog Here is a great analogy about your dog’s behavior The Good Dog tip: Blaming a dog for misbehaving that hasn’t been given rules, structure, and leadership, is like blaming a chocolate cake for not tasting like vanilla. It’s not the cake’s fault, it just tastes like whatever ingredients you baked in. If you’re going to … Read More

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Say what?!

Dog Training Tip of the Day: Say What?!!! Dogs have extremely good hearing! but they also have extremely good selective hearing! Do not allow your dog to pick and choose when they want to listen to you always follow through on your commands.   Command sequence: Get your dog’s attention first by saying their name, Give your dog a command ( wait 3 seconds) If your dog isn’t moving toward the command give correction by saying ” no” and try … Read More

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