Puppy Classes ($155 For 8 Sessions)

This 8 lesson course is appropriate for dogs 8 to 16 weeks of age.

We will focus on leash manners and how to stop barking, jumping, and nipping. We will also work on proper greetings, not bolting doorways, and calm on command. At the end of each class we allow structured playtime. All family members are encourage to come and participate in training the family dog.


puppy training package

Puppy Package ($300)

2 private one hour sessions in owner’s home
8 group classes at the dog school
This package combines one-on-one time with Emily, plus socialization for your puppy. We will work on housebreaking, crate training, stopping puppy biting, introduction to leash, and basic commands. The group classes will help focus on basic obedience with distractions and social skills with other puppies.

Beginner ($155, dogs over 4 months old)

8 group classes at the dog school
We will build on basic commands, loose leash walking, sit-stay, waiting at doorways, and proper greetings, plus continue with focus work, calm on command, come on command, and leave it/no command. This is great for socializing dogs, but also teaching them how to listen in a higher distraction environment.
beginner dog class


Intermediate (must have completed puppy or beginner classes)

8 group classes at the dog school
We will work on off-leash manners, introduction to hand signals, commands at distances, and the “bed” command. We often do these while playing games. There is also the introduction to agility, proofing commands and much more.


6 group classes at the dog school
We will work on preparing your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test, which is included.
advanced class


Therapy Dog Package

4 Beginner classes
4 Intermediate classes
4 Advanced classes
This package is for those who want to go through the process of getting their dogs ‘therapy dog certified’. See above for specific class descriptions. This package will include the Canine Good Citizen test and certification. Dog Lover’s Kim Wright is available to offer Pet Partners information and testing.

Behavior Modification Training Package

4 private one hour sessions at owner’s home or choice of location
4 group classes at the dog school
This package is directed towards dogs with fear aggression, lacking of confidence, resource guarding, leash reactivity, or human aggression. After working with dog and owner during the private sessions with Emily, there will be a transition into group sessions. Group classes will help build trust and confidence with owner and dog.

behavior modification


Private Training

$80 one hour session at owner’s home or choice of location
(additional $15 if outside the 30 mile radius)
Emily will come to you to help you and your dog with any specific issues you may be having.

Drop-ins are welcome at $25 per class, if space is available or reserved ahead of time with Emily through email or contact form on website.

All prices do not include training equipment. Emily can help you find the best equipment to suit your individual needs. Purchases can be made at DLOS.