What is your methodology of dog training?

At Dog Lovers we believe every dog is different we customize our training to each individual dog, we believe in the balanced method of training its YES and NO.

What services do you offer?

We offer group classes, private training session, socializing outings, and board and train.

Can my kids come to class with the dog?

YES! We highly recommend kids ages 4+ are welcomed to attend class and work with the dog as long as parents are able to supervise. We encourage the whole family to participate in training the dog.

How do the on going enrollment for group classes work?

Each week our students are going to work on the same exercises but we hope our students see improvement each week, everyone is at a different stage in their training we do that on purpose so new students can see the other students that been there longer doing well.

What if I can’t make it to class one week?

No big deal our classes are flex schedule so you can pick and choose your class times you want to attend you have 4 months to complete the 8 sessions.

What training equipment do you use?

We customize our training so one tool may be use but not needed for another dog. Gentle leaders, martingale collars, pinch collars, slip leashes, easy walk harness or remote collar.

Do you sell them?

Yes we sell training tools at the dog school.

Is the group classes for my dog?

Yes if your dog is young and need some socializing or if your dog knows how to listen in the home but struggles to listen with distractions. Group classes are not recommended for high reactive dogs ( growling, snarling, lunging, snapping while on leash at other dogs)

What about refunds?

We do not offer refund for group classes if the group setting did not work out for your schedule or for your dog we are happy to transfer the remaining funds to private training session.

My dog may be aggressive but not sure?

An aggressive dog’s intent is to do harm, has your dog made a dog or person bleed ? If not they aren’t aggressive.