We offer dog training classes for all breeds, size, and age (never too old or too young for training). Group classes focus on basic obedience skills such as loose leash walking, sit stays, down stays, come on command, waiting at doorways, not jumping on guests and more. The group setting is great for dogs that struggle with listening to their owners when other dogs or people are around.
Private training sessions are for dogs that need more individual attention or have a behavioral problem that cannot be addressed in a group setting. We also offer private dog training lessons for brand new dog owners that want to make sure they are doing the correct things at home to set their dog up for success.

We will take a hands on approach to find a solution to resolve the problems you are having with your dog!

Dog Lovers Obedience School offers group dog classes and private sessions for obedience training and dog behavior modification. We can help resolve a variety of dog behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety, fear, not listening, jumping up, barking, biting, chewing, running away, pulling on leash and not coming when called. The puppy training classes are for socializing and also teaching puppy obedience skills, like loose leash walking, sit stay, down stay, waiting at doorways, proper greeting and more.